X-Grass Artificial Grass, Synthetic Turf and Lawn Installation

Artificial Grass

X-grass is an outstanding artificial grass that looks and performs better than real grass.  X-grass has several types of artificial turfs and grasses for putting green, chipping areas, lawns, pet areas, play ground areas, and sport field and courts.  Each synthetic grass is designed to look and perform better than the real thing.

The artificial turf promotes water conservation, requires no fertilizer, no pesticides, and no mowing.  It also reduces urban runoff by irrigation and reduces the amount of green waste going into landfills.

X-grass artificial turf and grasses have a patent backing that is made of polyolefin that is environmentally friendly, 100% recyclable, durable, permeable soft and pliable.

X-golf artificial grass has a 15 yr life expectancy with proper care, reliable in all climates and allows you to practice at home.

X-lawn requires no water, fertilizer, insecticides, safe for pets, prevents injuries associated with rocks ground debris, and designed to match the grass in your region.

X-play artificial grass is more sanitary than sand, gravel, mulch, and shredded tires, completely anti-microbial and not subject to bacterial build up.  Available to meet IPEMA’S ASTM FI292 requirements for up to a 12 ft. critical head fall.  X-play artificial grass also reduces allergic reactions caused by grass, no mowing or trimming, dries quickly after ran, no grass stained or muddy clothes to clean.

X-sport artificial turf is designed for sporting fields and courts it is maintenance free, safe and durable.  The x-sport artificial turf requires no water or chemicals, or fertilizer, and it meets G-Max ratings.

X-grass products will be installed by certified installers for improper installation.