Roller Hockey Installation and Construction

Of the 15 games available to you on our multi-game courts one of the most exciting options is full response roller hockey.  Now hockey fans can put on the skates, grab a stick and get after the puck on a surface built for speed, durability, and, even in the full contact world of hockey, safety.  

The advanced engineering technology included in the design of our multi-game courts makes it the perfect surface for the demanding game of roller hockey.  Our cutting edge design not only reduces maintenance while increasing the durability and life of the surface itself, it also reduces fatigue, body stress and the injuries associated with both.  Each multi-game court from Action Courts features:

  • ¾ inch shock absorbing surface for reduced fatigue and improved performance
  • Super grip surface design for greater safety
  • Flattest, most uniform tiles on the market today
  • 15 colors to choose from
  • Multi-directional flex technology
  • Indoor and outdoor installations

Even a court for the most demanding of sports deserves to look good and speak to your sporting allegiances, which is why you can custom design your action courts in one of 15 different colors as well as the log of your favorite team.  Each action court multi-game court includes a 15-year warranty, so don't wait another day for your own personal hockey rink!