Tennis Courts Installation and Construction

Tennis fans in Northern Illinois and Wisconsin can enjoy the game year-round on our player friendly tennis courts.  Our innovative tennis systems incorporate the latest technology to ensure exceptional game performance from both surface and player.

As with our other state of the art sports surface, Action Courts tennis courts feature a multi-directional flex technology that helps reduce stress on knees, ankles, and the back often found on hard court surfaces.  Furthermore, players and coaches at the highest levels of the game rave about the pace, ball bounce and greater traction our tennis courts provide.  In fact our tennis surfaces allow for the truest, most responsive ball bounce of any court on the market today and include:

  • ¾"shock absorbing surface for reduced fatigue and improved performance
  • Super grip surface design for greater safety
  • Flattest, most uniform tiles on the market today
  • 15 colors to choose from
  • Multi-directional flex technology
  • Indoor and outdoor installations

The International Tennis Federation (ITF) has weighed in on our Action Court tennis surfaces, rating our modular tennis court as a medium/fast playing surface that plays superbly.  And because our tile surfaces are water resistant and unaffected by humidity, our low maintenance courts are ready for play just minutes after rain for year-round play! 

With 15 colors to choose from for your tennis court the design possibilities are plentiful.  Plan the backyard tennis court of your dreams; one that includes a 15-year warranty and a life expectancy of unmatched tennis fun for 25-30 years.